Our Product

The idea for The Dumpster Diaper developed into an easy-on/easy-off tarping system wherein the tarp is shaped to specifically cover and wrap around the rear lower tailgate portion of the truck and cleverly attaches to the vehicles with a series of magnets sewn into the edges that could be readily affixed to the vehicles. After several design modifications and prototypes, the first Beta version of the safety system known as The Dumpster Diaper was ready for testing on our own fleet of haulers.
Within the first six months of testing, it became evident that the complaint calls from drivers stopped coming in. The results were an inarguable success. It didn’t take long for other haulers to notice the strange looking tarp wrapped around our tailgates and they started asking where we acquired it and where they could get one form themselves.
Seeing the obvious interest in the marketplace, it was time to take The Dumpster Diaper to the next level. An application with the U.S. Patent office was filed, and not long after U.S. Patent No. 9,387,815 was issued securing the legitimacy of this innovative product. Because every successful product needs to establish itself as being unique, what it is called and how it becomes initially known to people needs to be clear and to the point.
We believed The Dumpster Diaper fit the bill perfectly. With its popularity growing, The Dumpster Diaper is being readied for availability to the entire hauling industry nationwide.

Like many great ideas, the concept for The Dumpster Diaper evolved from the need to fill a void where a utility had not yet existed.

Great product. I ordered 7 for my trucks. Very tough material.
Donald Tomsan

Dispatcher, <em>Abbe Equipment</em>

I would recommend this product to truck owners. Easy to install. Haven’t had a problem in over a year with road damage.
Russell Tussleman

CEO, Owner, <em>Reliable Movers</em>

The product was easy to order. Fast deliver. It’s a tough study material. I didn’t think I needed a Diaper. Who knew?
Joey Sambo

Warehouse Foreman, <em>Paterson Fleet</em>