Our Story

Having a long history in the waste management related business of demolition, our trucks hauling the demolition debris from jobsites traversed hundreds of miles of roadways on a daily basis. Over the years, our office would receive countless telephone calls from irate drivers who would complain that the particles of debris escaping from the tailgates of our trucks had struck their vehicles cracking their windshields and chipping their paint.

Because ours is an organization oriented in responsibility, we regularly found ourselves reimbursing many windshield replacement vendors and filing too many insurance claims to count. As a result of the high volume and extensive costs associated with these occurrences, Kevin began brainstorming towards a solution to this problem.

Like many great ideas, the concept for The Dumpster Diaper evolved
from the need to fill a void where a utility had not yet existed.

Great product. I ordered 7 for my trucks. Very tough material.

Donald Tomsan

Dispatcher, <em>Abbe Equipment</em>

I would recommend this product to truck owners. Easy to install. Haven’t had a problem in over a year with road damage.

Russell Tussleman

CEO, Owner, <em>Reliable Movers</em>

The product was easy to order. Fast deliver. It’s a tough study material. I didn’t think I needed a Diaper. Who knew?

Joey Sambo

Warehouse Foreman, <em>Paterson Fleet</em>